Business Strategy & Promotion Plan

We start with the long view by looking at your end-game time line. Then we narrow it down all the way to what needs to happen every week for the next 90 days. Using your annual goals and concepts, we'll develop a 90-day promotion plan with a 1-year and 5-year horizon.

We’ll extract the information during an interview, develop the plan and then have a review of the draft plan. Final adjustments will be made and a detailed task list with allocations per week developed.

Project Management with The Ignite Program

We walk the road with you by managing the roll out of the Promotion Plan through the Ignite Program.

It includes personalized milestone planning, weekly reminders of focus areas, reminders of business fundamentals, weekly 1:1 review calls and progress reporting to ensure the promotion plan delivers on the quarterly objectives.

Systems & Process Audit

An overview of the current systems and processes that support client delivery and ensure operational health. Based on the audit map, we’ll identify the 3 top areas that need development to ensure the processes and systems are scalable.

Develop Processes & Systems

We'll document the processes as they have developed over time and fill in the gaps to improve consistency in quality and operational standards, create the line of sight that you need and ensure accountability across the board. We'll then weave these processes into a fluid system that produces outcomes per plan and the numbers to measure your performance by.


We’ll bring in an interim team to implement the processes and refine them based on continuous feedback. We’ll then develop training material with checklists and step-by-step how-to manuals to ensure the smooth running of the processes.

Next, we'll work with you to develop the job descriptions for those who need to run the team.

You'll then have the choice of continuing with your interim team or to find a new team to join your business. We'll assist in sourcing candidates, interviewing them and onboarding your new team. We'll train them based in your new processes and be there to guide them over a period of 2 months.

Fligh Deck Dashboard Customized to your Wealth Dynamics Profile

We'll develop a dashboard that captures the metrics essential to monitor the health and progress of your enterprise. The input side will be set up, linked and maintained to feed a user-friendly output panel that is tailored to your particular Wealth Dynamics profile, ensuring that it keeps you informed while keeping you in your flow.

We'll maintain the dashboard for the period of our Virtual COO engagement after which you have the option to continue with the dashboard service as a stand-alone micro-service on a subscription basis.

The Directory

We’ll include you in the global trusted community of The Directory by working with you to create your shopfront profile and getting you moved into your own merchant house. You will be introduced to the community and offered promotion opportunities. A 1-year subscription is included with your first Virtual COO engagement.


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